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This is Lani (pronounced Lonnie).  He's "King" of the boy herd.  He's very gentle and trusting and is trained for leading, packing and (as you can see) carrying small children.  He's registered, 4 years old and available for stud service.

Amigo is 3 yrs old and for sale.

Kono (left) and Nuevo (right) are gelded and very gentle.  Kono is the boy-herd
master-at-arms and doesn't put up with any misbehavior from the boys...including Lani!


Li'l Dude came to us 2 years ago and has turned into an exceptional llama. We are looking forward to him becoming a prize show animal. He's Rich's best buddy (next to Lani, of course).

Silver Train (aka "P-T") is another of our potential show boys. He's the same age as Dude
but about a head-and-a-half taller.
He has big, straight bones with thick, vibrant fiber.
He still thinks he's a little guy and loves to be handled.  Jan's baby!

Ande (for sale) is the same age as Amigo.

Serape is Jan's favorite.  He's one of our originals
and a gentle giant

This is Espresso. He's 20 years old and retired, and he knows it and by gosh, he'll have his respect!


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