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Llamas are easy to train. First you get them used to you, then to a halter. After a couple of sessions, they will follow your lead just like they've been doing it all their life.


It's always a pleasure to walk-a-llama on the Silver Hawk Ranch.

Llamas are tolerant and trusting, as well as comical in their own way
Do you think Santa could tell the difference between reinllamas and reindeer?

Even though they're not big enough to carry adults, kids can ride llamas.  Llama's can also be trained to pull small carts.

Llamas get along fine with other farm animals, as long as there's plenty of room and food...
There's one llama in this group smart enough to know that there's a doo-dad amongst 'em!

It's best to start handling llamas at a young age and desensitize them.
Once they're used to the human touch, they can't get enough of it..


At Silver Hawk Ranch, it's a LLAMA's world!


Happiness is... being a llama and living on the Silver Hawk Ranch!

Llamas are very social creatures and their people (as well as visitors and pets) fit right into the herd.

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