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Silver Hawk Ranch

Currently, we have a herd of about 50 llamas living on the ranch.  There are also cows and horses living here, but llamas are predominant.  As well as making very efficient grass mowing machines, llamas make great pets, guard animals for sheep and goat herds, pack animals for those who like to hike but don't like to carry the pack, and  we've even seen llamas trained as golf course caddies.  Llamas are clean and very smart and are relatively easy on the environment (trails, lawns etc.).  They bond to people quickly when they are handled regularly.  They have an insatiable curiosity and will go exploring into buildings if a door is left open. 

Llama Boys

Pictures and some descriptions of the male llamas at Silver Hawk Ranch.

Llama Girls

Pictures and some descriptions of the female llamas at Silver Hawk Ranch

Training and Handling

Some pictures showing llama handling and training.

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